Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Outdoor School/Indoor Mom -- Kerry

Along the lines of Jennie's post, I am cramming two field trips, laundry and a girl scout outing into my already busy week without my husband or oldest child who are attending outdoor school.

While there is a bit more silence around the house, fewer bodies and more general independence on my part (first in line at the computer and the bathroom all to myself), there is also a chasm.
I find myself drifting into it as I do all the dishes after dinner sans aformentioned husband and dilligent eldest child, reading and tucking the kids into bed, and folding laundry; all tasks my husband and I have shared in tandem almost rhythmically for the last ten years.

In the morning, I ponder the idea of feeding the chickens and walking the dog, after I dress the five year-old and cook a hot breakfast for she and the eight year-old. Then I'll go to the barn, price tag about fifty items and push a whole room full of furniture around.

All my choices, but still, I am exhausted even thinking about them.

Alright, I give, I am not the woman from the 1970's Angelie perfume commercial who sang,
"I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never never let you forget you're a man," that has been seared into my psyche along with the theme song from Batman and the names of the Mod Squad.

Honestly, who is that woman anyway?


Jennie Englund said...

That song did us all in, for sure. Especially the "bacon" part. What woman in this world has bacon on her mind???

Sounds like your life (minus the crispy pork strips) is full and happy!

Christy Raedeke said...

Sometimes it's relaxing to just put the kids to bed and havethe house to yourself. Plus it makes you really appreciate them when they come home.

kerry said...

You're both right.
Forget the bacon, baby, and put the kids to bed at 7:oo...it did wonders for me as I curled up with my stack of junk magazines and found some peace.