Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Art of the Query Letter -Kerry

Former way of writing a query letter:
Sit at desk after kids are at school and stare at computer monitor for thirty minutes. This segment is interspersed with at least two coffee breaks. Finally start to write and hate the first sentence. Repeat this sequence twice, then slog through the document as if I am having teeth pulled. Debate how to sign letter for another thirty minutes. Spend rest of day wondering if it will get me rejection or success.
Current way of writing a query letter:
Knowing that Lithia Writers' Collective will take a good look at it and peruse it for errors, syntax and sound, I calmly compose my recent query letter about Father's Day and gardening this morning. I check my email and notice Jennie has sent me a query letter to peruse, and then I realize, query letters, like child rearing require similar communities:
As Hillary Clinton says, "It takes a village."

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Anonymous said...

So true, this kind of writing takes many many eyes...very different from the kind of writing that we all normally do.