Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hanging on By a Speedo Strap--Marcia

Most parents I know are ready for summer to end. They've had a bear of a time keeping kids busy, fending off the "Mommy I'm bored!" syndrome.

I love summer.

And it's more than waning, we're down to the rind.

Two business meetings already this week. The kind where you have to look put together and brush on a little mascara. A call to make breakfast treats for the teachers, a plea to start PTO meetings. I don't want to.

I want to stay in my cotton shift, sipping coffee, my half-naked kids running around. I want to make cards for my friends, write a little bit, garden a little bit, cook a little bit, swim a little bit. I don't want to hurry. Anywhere.

It doesn't matter how hard I squinch my eyes, school days are around the corner. So I have responsibilities today that keep me from storytelling.

Last week the Princess made me a pair of red branch-coral earrings and left them at my door before we drove off on vacation, my dear friend Greta gave me a painting that made me cry, and Captain Morgan came to the back fence when we returned, strumming my old neglected guitar. He had cleaned it, polished it, put on new strings, and tuned it. What beautiful gifts.

The generosity of the human heart. Treasure given just because. There is no better kind.

Now, I'm off to bake zucchini bread for teachers. And then I swear, @#%*!, I'm going to the pool.


Anonymous said...


You've packed a lot into your sweet summer.

Have a good swim!

Anonymous said...

Love your succinct vivid summer imagery and especially your hilarious headline!