Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Reading = Peace -- Kerry

We're back in Ashland after a month of canoeing, campfiring and cavorting. Max's stitches came out yesterday and last Saturday we made it into the local Newberg paper for a noise complaint from the neighbor from our rental house. While the summer has been a rich waterlogged tapestry of sunburns and smiles, I am ready for some peace and quiet in the beautiful Rogue Valley.

My summer reading program, the forty-two year old version ranged inexplicably in various directions.
Estoteric: Discovering Clairvoyance
Personal biography: Haven Kimmel
Political: Obama

I journeyed to the library with my children in tow the first day we came home this week. I pondered my course of action for my fall reading program with enthusiasm.

Utne Reader was actually checked in and I found an autobiography of Steve Martin. Both good signs that point toward spontaneous moments of happiness stolen amidst the preparation of
"The official return to school."

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