Friday, February 13, 2009

Things I'm Trying to Tell Myself Today -- Kelly

The laundry can wait.

People who talk endlessly about themselves despite social clues to stop are lonely and need our kindness.

Scrubby brown winter woods can be beautiful.

Wind is pleasant.

Mistakes are fine.

My daughter’s selfishness is not evidence of irrevocable spoiling.

I'll think of something to write someday.

My heart is not tired.


jennie said...


We're all in winter mode with you, sister. Valentines will sit on the kitchen table; it's a school snow day today, the first of five off.

It was supposed to be my Big Writing Day.

Maybe winter shows us who's really in charge. Or, actually, who's not.

Kelly Hudgins said...

I long for a snow's a muggy 60 here.

LWC said...

Kelly, love this. Perfect.--Marcia