Friday, June 13, 2008

In The Middle - Julie

Last week I packed up all my belongings in Humanities 39 at Ashland High School, marking the boxes in black sharpie: "To Ashland Middle School Room 204 -- Inada" for the district maintenance crew, who are tasked with relocating my teaching career. Yesterday I went back to H39 to make sure I hadn't left any feminine products in the desk drawers and saw that the room was empty, echoey and still. So I buzzed the seven blocks down Iowa Street to the middle school to make sure my career had landed safely. It was nowhere to be found. I poked around in my new teaching partners' rooms, in the cafeteria, in one of the gyms, but then figured I would just have faith that the universe would eventually get my Nancie Atwell books and graphic organizers and solid gold writing prompts where they need to be.

I think it's a good time to go camping and to write.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely. Camping and writing, doesn't get better than that.