Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I See the Light --Kerry

I didn't write anything for an entire week except for signing my name on numerous credit card slips throughout Disneyland. Not writing was actually cathartic, mostly because it's hard to beat yourself up about what's not going down on the page when you're hurtling through the darkness on Space Mountain or laughing hysterically while getting soaked on Splash Mountain.

I did think about it though, to be honest. And I missed at least the feeling of accomplishment I get when I see my words on paper. Any feeling of accomplishment from produced writing always puts more light in my world. However, there's always other ways to find light, as well, and when Disneyland beckoned in the midst of yet another family funeral, I heeded the call.

On the way home we visited my sister and heeded the call of the Exploratorium, the Zeum and the Natural Science Museum. More distraction, more light in all of our eyes. One thousand four hundred eighty driving miles later, I'm happy to be back in front of the keyboard but happier still that I visited the "happiest place on earth", a logo I formerly would have cringed at.

Sometimes running away may be a good answer to writer's block. However, I could have done without the stinky feet, crushed cheetos and six hours of driving time spent listening to the class of 1989 reunion cd.

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Anonymous said...

As much as I want to hate Disneyland, every time I go there I love it more.
Despite the $5 frozen bananas... CR