Thursday, October 30, 2008

My First (of many?) Embarrassing Moment In Publishing…

So I get this email from my new editor:

To: Christy Raedeke
Subject: Don't worry . .

I am going to get you notes, etc. on PoD. Brian and I have talked about it and he’s excited about the premise. I think he’ll be even more excited once he gets into the text.

More soon,

I read it and think, what the hell is PoD? I Google the acronym for an hour, in various configurations with words like "edit" and "manuscript" trying to get hip to the whole publishing slang. Can’t find much, so I assume his edits are so big that he’s binding them into a Print On Demand (PoD) book. Realizing I should go ahead and clarify rather than assume anything, I email back:

To: Editor AK
Subject: RE: Don't worry . . .

Print on demand? Payable on death? I’m so sorry I don’t know what PoD means.


To which he replies:

To: Christy Raedeke
Subject: Don't worry . .

POD = “Prophecy of Days.” You’re officially working with a publishing house. All books get acronyms.


Oh, that. Yes, of course. My book’s title.
It honestly never occurred to me.

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Anonymous said...

Possible Obsessing Derangedly? You are so funny. I love this story.