Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Crazy Dichotomy --Kerry

Tuesday, November 4th, 2009

Today marks a historic presidential race in which the first African American man will become president of the United States or a woman will become vice-president. (Although I honestly think at this point may the best qualified candidate win and you know who I'm talking about).

Globally, the world is watching, all eyes on our country today to see if we will slide into mediocrity with our election, or worse, more war; or break through racial barriers and elect Barack Obama. The dam is about to burst in our country, and may we all ride the tide to more peace and prosperity with the hope this historic election may bring.

Because I still believe in this world and this country. It's a little bit crazy, like myself, or as Christy might say, it's own brand of crazy. And that craziness gives me hope. Tina Fey is free to satire Sarah Pallin on Saturday night live. John McCain appears on the same show and makes fun of himself. And while I've never been a gun-totin' flag wavin' rightie I do still appreciate the power of free speech and the ability that we still have in this country to stand in the same room with each other and kill each other with words instead of bombs.

I'm also free to talk to my children about birth control and making love and love in general without going to jail.

So today I'm pinning my hopes that just a little bit of crazy will happen today, because there's only a short distance between crying and laughing, and I'd like to do a little bit of both as I reflect on the sad/happy craziness of it all.

Buddhists say we live in between two contrasts at the same time - light and dark, black and white.

Here's to the dichotomy.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, Kerry! You should print this out so you will always remember what you were thinking on this monumental day! CR

Anonymous said...

Happy Election Day!


Anonymous said...


Every time I log on and get ready to post, you've beaten me to the punch. You have no idea how many times I've had to change my blog because of something you've written. I went with the election thing too.

Wonderful post.