Sunday, January 11, 2009

All The News, I Get On Sundays -- Jennie

There's not much "new" about the news lately.

Americans are all well-aware by now that Iraq is a bloodbath, that unemployment and foreclosures are high, that the economy is in the tanker.

For my weekly dose of news, I turn to two sources, only on Sundays: the San Francisco Chronicle, and CBS' "60 Minutes."

If you're after a dose of new news, check out these facts:

1) According to the Chronicle, Americans spent less of our annual income on food last year (9.8%) than we did during 1933 (25%).

2) Granta literary magazine hired its first female editor during a 120 year history.

3) With tips, taxes, and extras, the promotional price of cruises is only half of what they actually cost.

4) If you chose mostly A answers on the etiquette quiz in the "Style" section, you're socially "inept." The solution? "Stop living like a hermit..."

5) Per CBS correspondent Scott Pelley, hip hop star Wyclef Jean, who left Haiti for America when he was nine years old, founded and directs an organization in Port Au Prince, which distributes 50,000 pounds of UN food each month.

There. I've spared you the usual top stories, without leaving you bored, hopeless, or clinically depressed.

Yikes. I sound like Andy Rooney.


Anonymous said...

Since my kitchen television, with its IV to CNN, died three months ago, I've been relying only on what bits and pieces of NPR I can grab while I drive.

I am certainly less stressed in a global sense, that's for sure!


Christy Raedeke said...

Love it! Wish you could sum up only the good or interesting bits for me every Sunday!

I haven't watched the evening news in so long that now when I speed past it while looking for something snarky on VH1, it looks archaic.

jennie said...

Kelly, tell me about some of the great NPR stories you've heard lately. I miss it!

Christy, wouldn't that be terrific, if someone could sum up important weekly events, and deliver it to the masses?

Wait, isn't that what the news is supposed to do?

Kerry said...

I've taken to tuning into NPR or CNN on the computer while I'm cooking dinner (if I'm motivated)which sometimes leaves me wondering why I'm listening. The same topics seem to repeat themselves in endless supply. I vote for Jennie's recap.