Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pondering the 1980's --Kerry

Last night I succumbed to the lure of Facebook.
It's taken me awhile to acquiesce. I was only somewhat charmed until yesterday's evening foray into the netherworld of 1985.
I journeyed through pages of people, perusing photos and time-traveling. I came to the following conclusions:
1. The hair wasn't really that big of a mistake, it really does come kind of close to the "tousled" look of today if you ignore the side wings and straight up hairsprayed bangs.
2. We really are still the same personalities and have ascended along the trajectory, more or less, that I would have predicted. Lawyers, Mommies, Microsofties, etc.
3. Being in a sorority can be a good experience. Really.
4. The most important things to me are still love, books and writing, among others.
5. Republicans and Democrats can still be good drinking buddies.

Anyone else have additions to the list?

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